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Hindus in Washington DC celebrates the ground breaking event for grand Sri Ram Mandir at Ayodhya RJB; an event organized by VHPA DC near US Capitol and Whitehouse

Hindus in Washington DC celebrates the beginning of grand Sri Ram temple at Ayodhya RJB, near US Capitol and Whitehouse, and event organized by VHPA DC

Hindus in Washington DC

celebrate Sri Ram Janma Bhumi Mandir in Ayodhya’s ‘bhoomi pujan’ in Washington DC near US Capitol and Whitehouse. (Aug-4-2020:)

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  1. TV 9 Kannada news channel : Members of the Indian community gathered outside the Capitol Hill in Washington DC to celebrate the foundation laying ceremony of Ram temple in Ayodhya on Wednesday.


  1. On Facebook at TC Asia correspondent Srimukh Singh Manku (Aug 5- 2020)
  1. Hindustan Times coverage ( Aug-5-2020) Ram Temple: Indians celebrate ‘bhoomi pujan’ outside Capitol Hill in Washington.


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  1. Times now Coverage of NY Times Square celebration of Ram Janmabhoomi liberation (Aug-6-2020) New York: Ram Mandir billboard shines at iconic Times Square amidst bhajans & ‘Jai Shri Ram’ chants


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  1. Celebrations in Spain (Aug-4-2020) “Indians have already started * celebrations * in Spain on this occasion of building Rama’s temple in”


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Boldsky news



  1. ABP news: “Meet 88-Year-Old Urmila, The Kalyug’s Sabri | ABP News”   Since 1992, Urmila has been fasting for the Ram temple. Urmila consumes only fruits and milk and she did all of it for Ram temple. Urmila is also known as Kalyug’s Sabri.Urmila told ABP News that she wanted the construction of Ram Mandir since 1992 and hence since that year, she prayed


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