Competition: Leadership & Management Lessons from Ramayana

Ramayana is one of our greatest history that has taught generations on how to lead a successful life ensuring justice and coexistence with all. There are numerous leadership and management lessons, many of which are incorporated into today’s modern practices.Today many of the Santana Dharma families follow these processes leading successful joint families.You’re invited to […]

Hindu Dharma Convention 2023

Register Event Event Schedule Saturday:-09:15 am: Registration, Breakfast, and Socialization-10:00 am: Invocation and Introduction of speakers-10:15 am: Lecture by invited speakers (40 min each for each speaker, No Q&A)-12:20 pm: Lunch and free discussions-01:30 pm: Panel discussion, Q&A between the invited speakers and participantsSunday: -09:15 am: Registration, Breakfast, and Social time-10:00 am: Invocation and Introduction […]

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