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The World Hindu Council of America (VHPA – is a Sanatana Hindu Dharma cultural and heritage organization focused on the Hindu American identity and seva (service).

Our four main pillars are:

  • Prachar – Raise Awareness
    • Promote Unity amongst Hindus through seminars, conferences, publications, media, and audio-visual aids.
    • Represent Hindu Interests through various forums.
  • Seva – Serve the Community
    • Provide Community Service to people in need or distress without consideration of race, religion or nationality.
    • Build a community through a strong portfolio of programs and projects.
  • Samskar – Cultivate Hindu Values
    • Cultivate a spirit of self respect for our way of life, environment, Dharma Gurus, and institutions and respect for the people of all colors, creeds, races, and religions.
    • Create opportunities for instilling Hindu Values, Hindu Scriptures, and Hindu Heritage through Bal Vihars, Camps, Family Retreats, Hindu Community Centers, and Educational Institutions.
  • Sampark – Network
    • Establish Worldwide Contacts with Hindus institutions, temples, and people through projects and programs focusing on Hindu interests.
    • Bridge communities and people of all faiths.
    • Fundraising.