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Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America invites you to participate in a recreational inter county tennis tournament.

Registration Deadline :- April 20

Finals date :- June 1 – 2 weekend (Rain date: following weekend)

Registration Fees (doubles pair) :- $60 per Doubles Pair, $30 per Youth Pair (Age 13 – 17)

Beneficiaries :-  This will be a yearly fundraiser. The primary beneficiaries will be the homeless center (s), and local children from the economically weaker section.

Venue :- Venue and match schedule are to be determined by players within their counties.  For quarter finals and above, will be determined at a later time.

Tournament Rules :- Doubles could be any combination. For details, review our rules documents.


Community Services

We have adopted a homeless center in Baltimore providing them groceries once a month.  If you like to donate celebrating birthdays / memories [ Donate Here ]

One of the pillars of The World Hindu Council of America – VHPA is seva, service to the community. VHPA in association with Annasudha is working on providing monthly groceries to one of the local homeless center in Baltimore. With your support we hope to take care of all their food needs.

Earn with 100 hands, and distribute with 1000.

Let’s race to see who uplifts the humanity the most.

You’re encouraged to support us as you celebrate birthdays and memories.

Donate today wishing good for your loved ones.

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