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Our seva Akshaya Tritihiya 2023

Our Monthly seva based out of Baltimore

We had received many stories about human sufferings in the South 24 Parganas of West Bengal.

Poor people simple didn’t have easy access to drinking water in their neighborhood.

It was Bhagwan’s wish that Hindu Americans came to know about this suffering.  This Akshaya Tritihya people decided to earn some punya donating funds providing water well.  We were able to develop 3 water wells alleviating sufferings of poor bringing drinkable water in their neighborhood.

Let us do our #karma. Let’s skip a meal and donate for a good cause.

#drinkingwater #seva #donate

One of the pillars of The World Hindu Council of America – VHPA is seva, service to the community. VHPA in association with Annasudha is working on providing monthly groceries to one of the local homeless center in Baltimore. With your support we hope to take care of all their food needs. You’re encouraged to support us as you celebrate birthdays and memories.

Donate today.

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