Semester plan-Yukti 2013-2014

//Semester plan-Yukti 2013-2014
Semester plan-Yukti 2013-2014 2018-05-14T17:42:29-04:00


•  Fall 2013-Winter 2014 teaching plan overview

1.    Basics of Great Hinduism by Gauri Maheshwari (Danielle Riordan)
Yukti teacher will discuss all questions related to video (before showing video to the kids) and then matching answers with Gauri. This will give a good overview to the kids about Hinduism and also helps Teacher to identify week/strong topics. This video will give a great start to Yukti.

2.    Quick Review/Overview about following topics

1)    Brahman
2)    Atman
3)    Maya
4)    Spiritual Bodies
5)    Relation of each layers of spiritual body
References: Hindu Dharma Pg. 34-36 and 46

3.    Yog, Yoga and Pranayam
1)    Maharshi Patanjali
2)    What is Yoga
3)    What is Pranayam
4)    Benefits of Pranayam
5)    Typs Of Pranayam
6)    Special Instructions

References: Hindu Dharma Pg. 44 and the book of Science of Pranayama

4.    Family Tree Of Hindu Scriptures
1)    Vedas
2)    Upanishads
3)    Purans
4)    Darshan
References: Hindu Dharma Pg. 126)
5.    Journey Of Life Four Objectives
1)    Dharma (Duties)
2)    Artha (Material Prosperity)
3)    Kama (Enjoyment)
4)    Moksha (Salvation)
References: Hindu Dharma Pg. 63

6.    Four Ashramas

1)    Brahmacharya (Student Life)
2)    Grihastha (Family Life)
3)    Vanaprastha (Retirement)
4)    Sanyasa (Preparation for Salvation)
References: Hindu Dharma Pg. 64

7.    Two Community service hands on activity (One per semester)

8.    Two open book quizzes (One per semester)

————————- Study out lined at previous years —————-

January, February 2013
1) Extreme Power of Mind (Reference: own knowledge about Spiritual body)
o How our Mind works
o Power of our Mind
o Factors which are positively and negatively affecting our Mind
o How to control our Mind
o Importance/Result of a Mind Control
o Examples of Mind Control
o Learning ways in which we can use our mind as a tool to achieve the ultimate goal of internal happiness (Nitya Anand).

March 2013
2) Yoga and Pranayam (References: Hindu Dharma Pg. 44 and the book of Science Of Pranayama)
• What is Yoga
• What is Pranayam
• Benefits of Pranayam
• Typs Of Pranayam
• Special Instructions

April 2013
3) Family Tree Of Hindu Scriptures (References: Hindu Dharma Pg. 126)
• Vedas
• Upanishads
• Purans
• Darshan

May 2013
4) Journey Of Life (References: Hindu Dharma Pg. 63)
• Four Objectives
• Dharma (Duties)
• Artha (Material Prosperity)
• Kama (Enjoyment)
• Moksha (Salvation)

June 2013
5) Four Ashramas (References: Hindu Dharma Pg. 64)
• Brahmacharya (Student Life)
• Grihastha (Family Life)
• Vanaprastha (Retirement)
• Sanyasa (Preparation for Salvation)

October, November and December 2012
1) Brahman
2) Atman
3) Maya
4) Spiritual Bodies
5) Relation of each layers of spiritual body
References: Hindu Dharma Pg. 34-36