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Prano Devi Saraswathi vajebhir vaajinee vathee

Dheenaama vithraya vatu

May Goddess saraswathi protect us in all aspects. She is full of plentitude. With numerous powers, she is the guardian of our thoughts

Chodhayithri sunruthaanaam chethanthi sumatheenaam

Yagnam dhaDhe saraswathi

Saraswathi impels happy truths. She makes us conscious of happy and peaceful thoughts. She upholds the sacrifice. She awakens our consciousness to right states of mind

Ambi thame nadhee thame, devi thame, saraswathi

Aprashasthaa ivasmasi, prashasthim amba naskrithi

Oh Saraswathi! You are the noblest mother! You are the greatest among the Goddesses and the mightiest among the rivers. We are like insignificant beings; please make us express our inner powers and thoughts

Maho arnas saraswathi prachethayathi kethunaaha

Dhiyo vishwa viraajathee

Saraswathi, the great flood of inspiration makes us conscious by right perceptions. She illumines widely the whole understanding.

Paavakaanas saraswathi vaajebhir vajinee vathee

Yagnam vashtudh Dhiyaavasuhu

Saraswathi purifies us. She is full of plenitude of life-powers. May she desire to attend and energize our sacrifice. She is rich in understanding.