Bhakti class curriculum

///Bhakti class curriculum
Bhakti class curriculum 2013-02-13T23:36:44-05:00

Semester 1:

-AUM – what does it stand for and the 3curves of AUM
-Hindu Trinity
-Sanatan Dharma
-Key Beliefs of Hinduism
-Why do we call God Bhagwaan
-Why do we :

a) Light a divo or lamp?
b) Offer prasad
c) Say Shanti Shanti 3 times
d) Say Namaste
e) Prostrate before Parents, Teachers/Gurus, and Elders
f) Consider trees and plants sacred

-Mahabharat – who wrote it, why it is called Jaya Shastra, Adi Parva, and Sabha Parva
– 10 heads of Ravan

a) Uttaraayan or Sankraant
b) Holi
c) Navratri
d) Diwali

-Shlokas 1 to 36

Semester 2: (in no particular order)

Mahabharat continued.
4 Goals of Hindu Life
Dharma- Dharma and Individual Dharma( Sva-Dharma)
Karma- Law of Karma,The action, the cause and the effect
Moksha- Ultimate goal of Atmaan

Why do we: a.Use Ashes
b.Burn Camphor or incense
c.Break a coconut
d.Do Tilak
e. Worship Kalash
f.Blow a conch
g. Ring a bell

Major Virtues (time permitting)
Who is a Hindu (time permitting)