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The recent pandemic locked up the entire humanity in-doors making them realize the situation of zoo animals world around.  We are fortunate to be born in human form, with added intelligence figuring out modern mechanism to still connect and interact with friends and family.

We brainstormed and introduced “In conversation” a monthly talk show for 45 minutes informally discussing various Hindu American challenges, our Hindu identity and Dharma for the betterment of community.

For those interested in our programs may send us an email at vhpadc@gmail.com

For those interested in serious Hindu American identity that stretches to Bharat visit us at HinduPACT.org for an insightful  conversation every Sunday 11 AM EST at Hindu Lounge.

Future Dates: May 06, 2021

Topic: How Hindu Americans married outside of Hindu fold forwarding Dharma

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Next Date: May 06, 2021

Topic: How Hindu Americans married outside of Hindu fold forwarding Dharma


  • Tarun Bobby, Entrepreneur,
  • Being Finalized,
  • Searching


Previous Date: April 01, 2021

Topic: VHPA associated Hindu American mothers: Raising the Next Generation Hindu


  • Jipsy Bhatt, a mother and an Educationist-Entrepreneur,
  • Jayshree Rathod, a mother and an Entrepreneur,
  • Falguni Singh, Senior Director of Solutions


Previous Date: March 04, 2021

Topic: How families who migrated to US in different time frame contributed forwarding Dharma among their children and community


  • Pradeep Shetty, a young parent and technology consultant,
  • Santosh Vishwanathan, a parent with college going son and technology consultant,
  • Ghanshyan Gupta, PhD in Statistics and a grand parent


Previous Session: Feb 04, 2021

Topic: Hindu American Grandparents and Grand children

“The closer you get to grand parents, the closer you get to God” – Nimay Vyas.

Towards the end Panthini mentioned that her grandparents migrated to US 40 – 50 years, so their Sanskar are from that time frame. So in our next program we are looking for parents who migrated to US in different timeframe sharing their experience on how they have passed on Dharma and Sanskar to next generation.