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What is Durga BalGokul?

Durga BalGokul is a place for children to come together, learn and practice Hindu culture and heritage. Team of Parents and Volunteers from VHPA and Durga Temple run BalGokul for the children.

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BalGokul Vision, Mission and Core Values

To ignite, foster, revere and preserve ancient Hindu Dharma, Culture, Values and Way of Life amongst children.

To provide a fun, social and educational environment that enables children to acquire a healthy understanding, and subsequently a pride and reverence for their ancient Hindu religion, culture, and a core value system such that the children are inspired to apply them into their daily life, exchange thoughts and ideas with peers, develop a confident self-identity, and sense of belongingness to the community.

Core Values
Durga BalGokul runs its operations grounded in 5 Core Values – Children First, Persistent Learning, Service Excellence, Accountability, and Transparency — that guide the internal conduct of DBG, and executes itself via 4 behavioral standards namely Integrity, Respect, Team Work, and Compassion.

Regular activities BalGokul:

BalGokul runs for approximately two hours. The children learn Bhajans and attend religious classes with occasional games and Yoga sessions along with Arts and Crafts. Stories are selected from Ramayan, Mahabharat, lives of great personalities, Pancha Tantra and are based on other ethical and moral values. Children get DBG library membership as part of the program where they can check out 250+ Amar Chitra Katha books on various Hindu religious and historical characters. The purpose of all these activities is:

  1. To teach children to respect good health, physical strength and balance
  2. To understand, appreciate and practice Hindu ways of life.
  3. To develop confidence and pride in their cultural identity.
  4. To develop social awareness and encourage them to actively contribute to the society.
  5. To provide a friends network with similar interest.

Generally kids are grouped according to age and knowledge. There are classes for children from ages 3-18.

Special Events:

Hindu Heritage Youth Camp: Every summer, there is a camp for children. This is once-a-year never miss event for children.

Celebrating Festivals: BalGokul family celebrate various Hindu festivals together at Durga Mandir. Children get to present various cultural items in Durga Mandir’s Mela and festival celebrations

For additional information, email parents.durgabg@gmail.com or call

Dhananjay Shevalikar (571)212-6055

Srilekha Reddy Palle (703)839-3976

Madhuri Prasad (703)665 4388