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Hindi Classes

To remain rooted to one’s culture is very essential ensuring our heritage is passed on to next generation successfully.  Below are the key actions initiated to ensure our objectives are met.

  • Teach Hindi to the children and young adults (ages 4 and above) by developing basic reading, writing, and communication skills in Hindi and support drama, dance, music and any art form based on Hindi language and Hindu Culture.
  • Develop awareness of Hindu culture heritage, history, traditions, and values by celebrating important Hindu festivals.
  • Instill traditional Hindu values and develop self-esteem through the study of great Hindu personalities.

At present VHPA DC Chapter conducts Hindi classes at 2 locations:


Herndon, VA: Click here to register Germantown, MD: Click here to register


Hindi Class Celebration During Diwali


VHPA DC BalVihar Hindi Class structure, objectives and books

VHPA DC  BalVihar Class structure, objectives  and books
Level Books Teaching goals to cover The Five C’s of Foreign Language Education
———- ———————- –     ——————————–
101 –    Saral Hindi-1

–    (Primer for Hindi Alphabet – Part 1)

–    Cultural Lesson plans from VHPA

–    अभिवादन व परिचय – Greetings, Introduction

–    परिवार, संयुक्त परिवार: Family, extended family, relations

–    मेरा दिनचर्य : Describing daily activities

–    भोजन- भोजनालय:  Food related vocabulary, name of dishes.

–    संख्या, समय,  रंग: vocabulary and description  related numbers, time, colors

–     . जियो खिलाड़ी – खेल : Sports/Games  related vocabulary, instructions for playing games, games description

–          ऋतुएँ, मौसम, वाताविण, प्रकृतिvocabulary and description  related to weather, seasons, environment/nature

–          पशु , पक्षी : vocabulary and description  related animals, birds

–          स्वस्थ शरीर, और  योग: Description of body, health, and Yog postures

–          अतुल्य भारत, अनोखा अमेरिका – व भूगोल: Geography, familiarity of Holy places in India, American geography.

–          शृंगार व वेशभूषा: Dresses, fashion etc

–          हिंदी सिनेमा:Hindi Movies

–          त्यौहार, उत्सव , पूजा पाट : Description of Hindu festivals, culture


—————————- ———————————
102 –    Saral Hindi-1

Cultural Lesson plans from VHPA

–    Vikas Hindi Varnamala- 2

– Cultural Lesson plans from VHPA

———– —————————–     
103 –    Vikas Hindi Sopan-1

–    Vikas Hindi Varnamala- 2

– Cultural Lesson plans from VHPA

———– ——————————-
201 –    Vikas Hindi Praveshika

–    Vikas Hindi Sopan 2

–    Cultural Lesson plans from VHPA

———— ——————————
202 –    VHPA’s Hindi Book 1

–    Vikas Hindi Sopan 3

–    Cultural Lesson plans from VHPA

————- ——————————–
203 –    Gunjan Hindi Pathmala-3 ,

–    Vikas Hindi Primer for English medium schools

–    Gunjan Hindi Paatmala 3

–    Cultural Lesson plans from VHPA

–    VHPA’s Hindi Book 2


———– ——————————- –           
301 –    Gunjan Hindi Paatmala 3

–    Cultural Lesson plans from VHPA

–    Teaching assistance

–    County’s Language Credit exam preparation

–          परिच्छेद लेखन, तनबंध : At the end of the year students would be able to Writing

–          essay using all forms of tense, nouns, gender, plural and

–          singular. Students will use all the advanced grammar rules

–          while writing passages and essays on a given topic.

–          फिल्म समीक्षा : To be able write a movie review

–          मेरा  जीवन लक्ष्य : To be able describe about what I want to do



———— ——————————-