Class of 2010 – 2011

group 1: Kinjal, Pritam, John, Pranay, Millen, Devika – VEDIC 

group 2: Radha, Suraj, Payal, Athish, Jhanvee, Dhruv – ROLE OF WOMEN in hindu families and communities outside India

group 3: Priya, Kunal, Tvara, Hardik, Abhishek, Deven – MAHABHARAT

group 4: Ruchi, Shreyas, Sankeet, Shriya, Darsh – ORAL TRADITIONS

group 5: Tara, Darpan, Meghna, Chirag, Madhuria, Smithal – RAMAYAN


1) “Hindu Dharma” – textbook

2) group 5:

3) group 3:

4) group 1:

Hinduism by numbers: Can one explain different parts of hinduism using numbers? Yes. This could be part of this project too. For preliminary materials, click:

For actual vedic math concepts:

Refer to the Files section of Yukti google group page. There is a pdf on some concepts uploaded there.