======== Camp 2014 resources =========

Camp2014 Schedule .doc

Camp Booklet PDF

AdiShkati-Intoduction PPT

AdiShakthi PPT for ES

AdiShakti PPT for MS & HS

Importance of Hindu Names, for MS and adults

Statistics_in_Hindu_History, for HS and adults

Svapna-Vasavadatta ZIP, ACK book scan

Svapna-Vasavadatta drama book for HS

Tenali Rama and Horse, ZIP, ACK book scan

Tenali Rama and Golden mango Story, ZIP, ACK book scan

Hindu Dharma- The Eternal Truth

Exercises Riddles All group

========== Camp 2013 resources ======

Intro To Camp PPT

Schedule 2013 with Teacher-Session matrix

Camp Booklet 2013

Hindu Mandir Architecture Basics

Famous Hindu Temples, pictures and description

For Vedic Math Class

Hanumanji means Work Done!

Char Dhams

Role of Hindu Mandirs

Hindu Mandir Structure & Meaning

Exercises and Riddles for all group

Shakuntala Drama Scanned , High school

Jackal and Lion, Elem Group

jackal and Rats, Elem Group

Jackal and Otters, Elem Group

Jackal and Otters my story, Elem Group