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Happy Ganesh Chaturthy

Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America wishes Happy Ganesh Chaturthy to all. We pray to Ganesh Bhagawan to remove all obstacles, and bless us all with success in all our activities and endeavors. Dates of  festival in year 2014: Aug 28-30).  Hindu calendar dates:    Kali Yug – 5011 (year); ‘Jaya’  (year name) ; Baadrapad Maas (month)

Best Wishes for Holi

Best Wishes for Holi Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America wishes Happy Holi to all. We pray to Sri Vishnu Bhagawan on this occasion to protect his devotees like he protected 'Prahlad'; and bless us with happiness and make our life colorful. Dates of  festival in year 2015: is Mar-5-6 ( ).  Hindu calendar dates:    Kali

protest and memorandum submission at Embassy of Pakistan (DC)

  August 16, 2013, Washington DC Members of five different organizations, under the umbrella of Pakistan Human Rights Collective (PHRC) protested in front of the Embassy on Friday (August 16, 2013). Utsav Chakrabarti, the relations coordinator for the World Hindu Council of America submitted a memorandum to Mr. Shaikh Muhammad Umar, Counsellor Community Affairs (CA), Embassy of Pakistan in

Shreemad Bhagavad Gita Audio

Bhagavad-gita00-intro Bhagavad-gita01 Bhagavad-gita02 Bhagavad-gita03 Bhagavad-gita04 Bhagavad-gita05 Bhagavad-gita06 Bhagavad-gita07 Bhagavad-gita08 Bhagavad-gita09 Bhagavad-gita10 Bhagavad-gita11 Bhagavad-gita12 Bhagavad-gita13 Bhagavad-gita14 Bhagavad-gita15 Bhagavad-gita16 Bhagavad-gita17 Bhagavad-gita18 Bhagavad-gita-app  

VHP-america Congratulates the President May-2011

The World Hindu Council of America (DC –Chapter) Congratulates our determined government, and committed military and intelligence personals on successful culmination of operation pertaining to capturing/killing of the terror group Al-quaeda leader Osama Bin Laden. The events of Sept-11-2001 were a tragedy not just for the people of America, but for all freedom loving people

Shantiniketan Family Camp 2014

Thursday August 7, 2014 - Sunday August 10, 2014 5110 Meadowside Lane Map and Directions | Register Description:2014 Shantiniktan Family Camp Registration Open Now! Thursday Aug 7, 2014 – Sunday Aug 10, 2014 Teen Camp : Thursday 8:00 AM to Sunday 12:00 Noon Family Camp : Thursday 6:00 PM to Sunday 12:00 Noon Place :